About Us

About us

Nestled in the heart of Washington Heights on 181st street, Grill Point 181 is the concept of siblings Esfira and Alex. Alex is a local small business owner who has for over a decade worked and served in this community. Wanting to fuse the variety of flavors from all around the mediterranean, they created a space for simple, fresh and delicious eating.

A small establishment with a few dedicated employees, Esfira and Alex see themselves as a part of the fabric that makes Washington Heights diverse and full of culture. They strive to be positive contributors by providing fair wages to their employees, reducing waste and plastic use as well as buying locally when possible.

“It’s a small family business and that’s how we wanted it. From the food to the interactions we try to make it fun and personal. The concept and flavors are newer and people want healthier options, so we try to provide that.” – Alex U.

The Concept of Fusion:

Mediterranean food has a good reputation for good reason but what is it exactly and where is it from? Actually, the cuisine which is chock full of variety and healthy vibrant flavor, spans three continents and over 20 countries. The mediterranean cuisine has something for everyone. At Grill Point 181 we fuse the best recipes and present them in simple and accessible ways. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or a hearty dinner we have something that will satisfy and hopefully inspire you.